So I like language and linguistics, here are some of the stuff I know and want to learn.

Language is very neat.

Language can tell us a lot about the world and it's history. Most languages popular today are Indo-European languages, derived from India through to Southwest Asia and spread to Europe. This includes both Latin and Greek which then spread throughout the world through he Roman Empire and the Industrial Age Imperialism. However, the most widely spread language, English, is sometimes difficult to define. it is Indo-European, but it isn't necessarily a Romance language like Spanish, French, and all the Latin-derived ones are. English is an offshoot of old Germanic languages, the same way German is, as well as the Scandinavian languages. It then encorperated the Gaelic languages when the Anglo-Saxons conquered England and around the British Isles, then further took what it liked from languages as the British Empire spread across the world.

Now that you have a taste of why I love languages, I'll tell why I want to learn all the ones listed below.


Deutsche, German, is a very cool language to me. Not necessarily because of the language iteself, I just really like Germany. Ignoring the 19th century a little, Germany has an incredible history from the Holy Roman Emperor Charlamagne, its difficulty to conquer by the Romans, and its modern culture is all very enjoyable to me. It's also a pretty easy lagnuage, it doesn't take long learning to realize many words are the same as in English, this makes perfect sense as they're both derived from the same roots. Of course, English is become less and less alike as it eats other languages, it's still very neat to see.


Française, French, the langauge of love. Interesting story with this one; I used to really dislike French with some of the nasaly sounds, weird spelling and the like. Now though, the reason I like it so much now is because of a French singer called Zaz, and some of Cœur de Pirate. Because of these artists, I now really enjoy the sound of French and there's not much else to it.Funny how small things can just flip the viewpoints, more on this with Spanish.


Español, Spanish, another Romance language. I took Spanish 1 as an extra unit from Middle School by taking it both 7th and 8th grade, so in High School I only needed one more year, Spanish 2. I took that my freshman year and sure enjoyed it, it was easy, but I didn't love it. As I continued in high school I just started to forget it, going from knowing some vocabulary and being able to speak a few sentences to just being able to understand a thing or two. That was until my senior year. I happened to meet a foreign exchange student from Spain, and I love this man. He is one of the best people I've met and know, and I'm so glad we both ended up without a partner that first week of foreniscs so we could meet and become friends. Knowing him, such a seriously amazing dude, flipped my opinion of spanish and made me want to pick it up again and get back to it. I'd probably focus more on Mexican Spanish but of course whenever I go to Spain, because of course I will, I'll do my best to use Peninsular Spanish.


日本語, Nihongo, Japanese. What can I say, Japan is cool. I inherited my interest from my dad and I simply really like it. Shinto is an incredibly awesome religion, anime of course can be really good as well. One of my favorites is one called 91 Days, a revenge story taking place in prohibition America. It is one of the most heartbreaking story I've ever seen. There is more to Japan than just that of course, as mentioned on the homepage I want to go to Japan and specifically avoid the Kyoto-Tokyo Megapolis for a while. I really like the smaller cities and towns up in the northern prefectures, as well as the Isand of Kyushu and Shikoku. The main big city I actually want to visit is Sapporo, all the way up on Hokkaido. There isn't much else to say, I just like the country. Like all, it has a lot it needs to improve on, but I like Japan, and I like its language.

Here is a list of my favorite anime, though, in no particular order.

Favorite anime movies will be on my Movies page.


Greek, well, Greek and others. I'm using this one as an umbrella for the others I have a passive interest in as well. Those are Greek, Russian, Irish Gaelic, and Dutch. These are all for the same reasons as the other, I may like the history, the culture, or just the language itself, mostly a combination of those factors. My interest isn't nearly as strong as those other ones though, so my likelihood of actually learning them is rather low.