I'm a jack of all trades, master of none sort of person.


I have been a fencer since the summer just before my freshman year of highschool. So I've done it for a while, though I've since stopped because there aren't many places I can do it outside of the high school club. At the end of my high school fencing career I placed about 12th overall out of about 46 or 48 people in my division. That division is my sword, and male. They are seperated by sword and sex to keep it all fair, the club president can attest though it's too easy for her, but if they were merged hardly any women would ever place.

My sword is the Epee, one of three. The others are the Foil and the Sabre. The Sabre is a slashing weapon where the target area is from the waist up. It is fast paced, high energy, and difficult. The foil is the lightest and the shortest sword. The target area is just the torso and neck, no arms, no head, no legs. This sword is considered to require the most skill to use and I definitely agree.

The Epee

The Epee is my baby. It is the heaviest sword and the longest sword. Heaviest though is still only a maximum about 770 grams. The target area is the entire body, head to toe. This is the main cause for it to be the slowest sword to fence. The sword is all about probing the opponent's defenses, seeing how they react, finding a weakness and eploiting it. More than once I've one a bout by doing the same trick over and over because my opponent never adapted. I've never lost a bout, but it can take a few lost points for me to get it and begin countering. It is definietely a sport I love and would like to continue to do, but if I don't it's alright. It's been a fun chapter in my life.


While I'm not as extreme with my longboarding as the person in the picture, taking part in a long downhill race, I do still enjoy it. I skate around the college campus and keep two longboards in the trunk of my car for whenever I may want or need it. I'd love to go into the city with some friends and skate around. I started trying with skateboarding but found, I'm no good, and even then just prefer cruising so longbaording much more fit my style. I've got some good friends that are into skating though so I may try picking it up again. It's just a fun, pretty casual thing I do that I definitely do enjoy and would recommend if you want to have a chill time cruising around.

Everything Else

I don't have a lot of hobbies.

Besides watching movies, playig some videogames, and wanting to learn some more languages, I really don't do a whole lot, but that's not a bad thing. I'm too busy to do other things but I'm mostly content. I write a littl bit here and there, I'd like to get into woodworking or carving, but there's no rush. I'm good at a lot of things I don't consider a hobby anymore, like photography, but it was a fun things for a little while. You only need one or two hobbies, any more and it might be overwhelming.