You got a slight taste of my love of movies with the list of three I had on the main page, but that barely even scratches the surface.

Here are some of the best movie channels on YouTube:

I have some opinions to change.

First off, the Star Wars Prequels. Episode 3 is already the best, but if you disagree, watch it. They're better than you may think.

Obviously I love Star Wars. It has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. My dad once said I had to be forced into liking it, but look at me now, I could be a Galactic Lorekeeper with my dad being my student. It i sjust an increible movie franchise, but further it spawned such an incredible world where anyone can do anything. I love making characters based in it, writing stories in it, it is an amazing jumping off point. A wonderful Sci-Fantasy world that often doesn't make a lot of logical sense but makes wonderful story and fun sense. Anything is possible, but a lot of things also aren't. In the same universe where a several-millenia-old Killik Hive Mind bug colony trapped an ancient force being in a space station trapped between several black holes, some boy on a planet is having trouble getting the engine for the crop harvester started. Go read some of the books and play some of the games, you won't be disappointed, I assure you.

This video is made by one of the channels listed above, CinemaWins, which is one of my favorite channels on YouTube. Many may think Lee, the narrator of the channel, is simply overly optimistic and gives out wins a bit too much, but he often argues that's the point of watching movies. I agree completely, why watch a movie if you're determined to not have fun and point out flaws? Many people light fires under the prequel trilogy and wish they were never created, they don't like the stories that were told. Now, no one, not even Lee, is saying they are without flaws, but why focus on the flaws when you can focus on the good and fun aspects. My favorite part of his videos are the conclusions where he goes into some detail and analysis of themes, motifs, and ideas present in the films and also gives a rebuttal to much of the criticism the movie may be getting. I hope you can watch this video, and his other wins videos of less popular movies, and just see the good in them and enjoy the movie-going experience a bit more in the future. It's okay to be critical, but absolute cynicism is damaging to the soul (though absolute optimism is diabetes so just go for a happy medium, leaning towards optimism) and just have fun.

I hope that little rant wasn't too much. Now I'm going to list all my favorite movies, and tell you a bit about them. Go watch them if you haven't, I implore you.

V for Vendetta

Of course I will start with the movies I linked on the main welcome page with the link to IMDB still, so if you just want a synopsis go ahead and go there. This spot is for my thoughts and why I love this movie.

Alright, honestly I'm not entirely sure why I love this movie. From what I've heard when discussing it, many people who do love it also don't quite know why either. It's just comforting for me, strange with the storyline it has, but it's simply fantastic. The idea of bringing Guy Fawkes' mission to reality when it is truly needed now is an incredible story. The whole look of V is straight out of a comic and it is so much fun to watch him kick butt. Hugo Weaving's performance is also incredible. He does so much, expresses so much with his voice alone, with just a rigid face. The raw emotion he expresses as he speaks so passionately about his goal and reasoning. The actor definitely plays a huge part in making the movie so amazing. I don't want to spoil anything so I will leave my thoughts at that, I hope you watch the movie, and if you already have, I hope you love it as much as I do.

Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi

After this I'll stop with the Star Wars, I swear, but episode six is simply my favorite, though it would not be what it is were it not all that came before. For me, that includes the prequels. I am not going to talk about the entire movie, as that deserves a webpage of its own, instead I will discuss one specific scene, in my opinion the best scene of the sega. The final fight between Luke and Darth Vader, with Palpatine watching, in the throne room. Every time I watch this scene, which is often with the sega as a whole, I get chills, I fall to the brink of tears, this scene is one of the greatest in cinema history (in my opinion).

This will be an out-of-order rave.

The way that Vader says the word "sister" when he delves into Lukes feelings and sparks Luke to use his anger, then the following beating that Luke dishes out. The raw, emotionally charged, power given to Luke at the thought of Vader using his sister, his friend, against him. This is great on its own, but then John Williams throws out the best score in all the sega! The Imperial March, great, Duel of Fates, oustanding, but The Final Duel. Next to The Emperor (which seems to have inspired a lot of the KOTOR game scores alongside The Final Duel which are amazing on their own), The Final Duel is without a doubt my favorite movie score of all time. The music alone sends the chills through my body, and there is no way for me to describe how amazing this piece is. John Williams will, without a doubt, live on for centuries with how amazing his music is. I've definitely said enough, go watch the Sega, go watch CinemaWin's videos, and watch it again. They are awesome.

Pulp Fiction

This one, as I did with Greek on my Language page, will be a blanket for just about all of Quentin Tarantino's films. This is a little bit odd, as yes, Quentin isn't the best guy, by far, but it isn't so bad that I can't seperate the work from the man. A lot of this is because his work is incredible. Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill, his recent Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, all are amazing.

The video essaysists I listed above would explain why they are great better than I could now, but I just really like them. They're fun, tell intriguing stories, have great music, timing, cinematography, and just his direction just make these great movies.

Le Petit Prince (The Little Prince)

This movie, when I watched it, was a thing like, oh this looks interesting, so why not. Very soon into the movie I became very invested into it, then at the end I just felt kind of nice. Some heartbreaking scenes but by the end I just felt good. It is just a nice movie with a very nice song that plays often throughout called Suis Moi. There isn't a whole lot to say other than I just really like the movie, it made me feel nice and has a very nice message about remembering to be a kid. Just be a kid every now and then, and also remember that kids are smarter than they may seem and have far more complex emotions than we may give them credit for. Don't get to cynical in age, and just have fun. I think that's a message we can all get behind.

I'm having a whole section about anime movies.

Hayao Miyazaki films lightning round:

So, of course there are many more masterpieces that Mr. Miyazaki has created, these are just the one's I've watched, and they are all incredible. Miyazaki is such an incredible filmmaker, making incredibly detailed, fleched out worlds with amazing characters, all of his movies are incredibly memorable and I need to watch more of them.

I can't possibly list all the movies I enjoy, that would create a page that is miles long. So I'll end with this: watch movies. Enjoy them. It's not hard, and it is absolutely fantastic.